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Watch Storm



The boAt Watch Storm is the perfect companion for your fitness transformation.

With its daily activity tracker and 9 different sports modes, it will now be fun to track your journey towards health. Stay alert at all times with smart notifications from your phone with vibration alerts for calls, texts, schedule reminders, alarms, & more!

Walkthrough Video

Learn how to use the product and troubleshoot yourself



Bluetooth Version


Operating temperature

"-20°C" - "45°C"

Bluetooth Range

10 Meters

Battery Capacity


Working Time

Up to 8-10 days

Charging Time

2.5 Hours

Charging Type

USB Direct Charge

Standby Time

20-30 Days

Activity Tracking

9 Activities

Call Alert


Music Control


Guided Meditative Breathing






Troubleshooting FAQs

Step 1: Via QR Code Scanning

  • Find the QR code on the product manual of the Watch Storm for installing the ProGear App on the media devices of the users.

  • Open the QR Code Scanner app on the user’s devices and scan the code present on the user manual of the Watch Storm. Thereafter, follow the on-screen instructions to install the ProGear app on the user’s device

Step 2: Via searching the App on Google Play or Apple Play Store

  • On Google Play or Apple App Store, in the search-bar, type ‘boAt ProGear App’ and enter search.

  • You will see the boAt ProGear app in the search result list.

  • Click on the install button to install boAt ProGear app on the user’s media device.

Step 1

After installing the boAt ProGear app, turn the watch storm on and open the ProGear app on the user’s device.

Click on the ‘Confirm’ on the ProGear app to switch on the Bluetooth on the user’s device.

Step 2:

The previous process would enable the user to search for the Watch Storm to connect with the ProGear app.

Step 3:

Once the Watch storm is found via Bluetooth, it will show on the ProGear app.

Click on the ‘Storm’ Device and then click on the ‘Confirm Bind Device’ button to start paring Watch Storm with the boAt ProGear app.

Once the connection is successful all the fitness data stored on the Watch Storm will sync automatically on the ProGear app.

The watch needs to be connected to the phone through the ProGear app. You can scan the QR code for the app which is available on the watch or directly install ProGear App

1. If the ProGear app is already installed in your phone, uninstall the app and then install it again. If the app was not installed, search for the "boAt ProGear" app on Playstore or Appstore and install the same. Once the app is installed,

Open the App and follow the instructions provided in the video.

2. If the issue still doesn't get fixed, then Check to see if the media device being connected to with the watch Storm, does not have any software issues Check to forget the device on Bluetooth, update the mobile software.

Note: Do not connect the watch directly with the phone’s Bluetooth, make sure you are connecting or binding it via the boAt Progear App.

  1. Check to see if the watch Storm is within the 10 m distance from the connected media device or not and there are any obstructions in between or not. If this is the case then bring the watch Storm within 10m distance and there are not any obstructions in between.

  2. If, still the Bluetooth is disconnecting, close the app, switch off and on the Bluetooth and start the app again to connect with the watch storm.

  1. Yes, step counting, heart rate monitoring, calorie count, spO2, BP, time can be recorded directly on your watch while your phone is not connected.

  2. Watch has some internal memory to record this data.

  3. Once you are in contact with your phone, you can sync the data to the app.

  1. Attach the magnetic end of the charging cable which comes with the watch package on the charging pad of the watch which is located on the back of the watch and connect the other end which is an USB-A end to a 5V, 2A rated power adapter or power bank or a computer.

  2. The Watch Storm’s display would show the charging status and charging percentage while charging.

Note: If the Watch Storm is connected to a computer USB port for charging, the speed of charging would be less as the power pushed by the USB port of a computer is less than the 5V 2A rated power adapter.

  1. Check if the charging connector behind the watch is clean and rust free.

  2. Try cleaning it with an alchohol swab.

  3. If the problem still persists, kindly replace the product.

Battery charge status is shown on the watch homepage with the percentage of the charge remaining on the watch Storm’s battery.