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Stone Cuboid


Stone Cuboid

Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear clarity and rich bass of boAt Stone Cuboid Bluetooth speaker that’s designed by acoustic experts to deliver a never-heard-before listening experience. Its IPX5 Splash & Water Shield protection and lightweight build ensure that you.


Speaker Type

Portable Wireless Speaker

Bluetooth Version


Working Range


Speaker Size


Water Resistance



Bluetooth V5.0/ AUX/ TF Card/ FM



Input Voltage


Output Power





Up to 5.5H


Up to 4H

Charging Time

1-1.5 Hour



TF Compatibility


AUX Compatibility




Troubleshooting FAQs

Turn the speaker on and its LED indicator will blink white in color until the paring is done.

Activate the phone’s Bluetooth function and search for “Stone Cuboid”. As soon as the speaker has been selected by you and paired, there will be a sound prompt indicating pairing. 

Note: The speaker can automatically reconnect to the last paired device.

The speaker gets automatically turned off if there’s no paring for 10 minutes.

Disconnecting the Speaker - For disconnecting the Bluetooth connection, long press “Mode” button.

You can switch to AUX mode by using the AUX cable to connect the phone and the speaker, and then short pressing the Power button.

In the AUX mode, you can control the audio playback via the media device/ phone.

  1. Check to see if the device is in pairing mode, after powering it on the LED indicator will blink white.

  2. Check if the speaker is in the range of Bluetooth (usually 10m) and if there are any obstructions in between.

  3. Check if the device being connected to supports Bluetooth connections or not

  4. Check if it is a passcode issue and if so enter 0000 / 1234

  5. Check if the speaker being connected to does have any software issues or not – Check to forget the device on Bluetooth, update the mobile software, if it still does not work try factory resetting the device.

  1. Check if restarting the device resolves the issue and if the speaker is in Aux mode by short pressing the ‘Mode’ button.

  2. Check if you have connected the aux cable properly and in the correct orientation on both ends.

  3. Check if the problem persists even after using a different cable or different device to connect to the speaker.

  1. Insert the micro USB cable into the speaker to utilize it as an antenna.

  2. Short Press “MODE” button to switch to FM mode

  3. Under radio mode, Long press play/pause button to auto search the FM channel and it stores automatically

  4. Short Press “Play/Pause” button to mute the speaker.

  1. Ensure that you short press the “MFB” button

  2. If it doesn’t work then try to switch the device off and on and trying to switch to FM mode by short pressing the “MFB” button again.

  1. Check if restarting the device resolves the issue.

  2. Check if the charging cable connected to the speaker is not broken, use other charging cables to charge the speaker and also ensure that the charger being used is not of 9V or 12V as th