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Stone 1508


​Stone 1508

Enjoy the beats and thunderous bass with the boAt Blitz 1508 wired speaker. With 50W RMS boAt Signature Sound, experience music like never before.



Speaker Type


IPX Rating


Driver Type

Full Range Driver

Driver Size

70mm*2 Outer & 31mm*2 inner


6Ohms & 4Ohms


75dB ​± 3DB

Frequency Response

20Hz - 20KHz

Battery Capacity


Playback Time

15 hours

Charging Time

4.5 Hours

Standby Time

360 Hours

Bluetooth Version



All Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth Range

10 M


Troubleshooting FAQs

  1. Turn the speaker on by keeping the power button pressed for a few seconds, then the blue LED starts flashing quickly. The speaker has now entered pairing mode.

  2. Connecting your device:

  3. Activate your phone’s Bluetooth

  4. Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings, scan for new Bluetooth devices.

  5. Once the device “boAt Stone 1508” has been found, please click on the same.

  6. In case your phone asks for a pairing code, please enter “0000”.

  7. After successful pairing, your speaker indicates the same with a sound prompt and the LED flashes blue.

Note: Pairing time varies according to different mobile phones. The speaker can remember the last 8 paired devices name.

You can switch to AUX mode by using the AUX cable to connect the phone and the speaker, and then short pressing the Power button.

In the AUX mode, you can control the audio playback via the media device/ phone.

  1. Turn on both the devices, blue LED will flash to indicate the same.

  2. Select one of the devices and double press the power button. Both the devices will pair with each other. While in the process, the main device will flash with blue and green LED alternatively.

  3. After successful pairing, blue LED indicator of the primary (selected) device will start to flash slowly and blue LED of the secondary speaker will stay solid

  4. In your phone, search for” boAt Stone 1508” and click on the same. Once the connection has been established the two devices can play music simultaneously.

  5. To disconnect TWS, kindly press ‘+’ and ‘-‘buttons together. The blue LED will flash rapidly to indicate the same.

  6. Note: TWS works only in Bluetooth mode. In the TWS mode, only the main speaker can receive calls. When the speaker doesn’t seem to connect with the phone, just press ‘+’ and ‘-‘buttons together and disconnect from TWS mode.

  1. Check to see if the device is in pairing mode, after powering it on the LED indicator will blink white.

  2. Check if the speaker is in the range of
    Bluetooth (usually 10m) and if there are any obstructions in between.

  3. Check if the device being connected to supports Bluetooth connections or not

  4. Check if it is a passcode issue and if so enter 0000 / 1234

  5. Check if the speaker being connected to does have any software issues or not – Check to forget the device on Bluetooth, update the mobile software, if it still does not work try factory resetting the device.

  1. Check if restarting the device resolves the issue and if the speaker is in Aux mode by short pressing the ‘Mode’ button.

  2. Check if you have connected the aux cable properly and in the correct orientation on both ends.

  3. Check if the problem persists even after using a different cable or different device to connect to the speaker.​

  1. Ensure that both the devices are Stone 1508.

  2. Check if the power is on and both the devices are in Bluetooth mode.

  3. Check if both the devices are charged (White LED lights indicate how much battery has been consumed).

  4. If the issue persists, try switching both thedevices off and then on and try pairing again.

  5. Try factory-resetting the devices.

Press and hold the play and pause button to disconnect the Bluetooth.

  1. Check if restarting the device resolves the issue.

  2. Check if the charging cable connected to the speaker is not broken, use other charging cables to charge the speaker and also ensure that the charger being used is not of 9V or 12V as that will damage