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Party Pal 60



Speaker Type

Party Speaker

Driver Type

Full Range Driver

Driver SIze

10.16 cm x 2 Drivers


6 Ohms


83dB ​± 3DB

Frequency Response

70Hz - 20KHz

Battery Capacity


Playback Time

4 Hours (80% Volume)

Charging Time

3.5 Hours

Standby Time

6 Months

Bluetooth Version

V5.0 + EDR


All Bluetooth Devices / AUX

Bluetooth Range


Buttons and Functions

Troubleshooting FAQs


  1. Please use the DC5V/1A or 2A current safety standards charger or above to meet safety standards charger. Insert the Micro USB cable into the speaker to begin charging.

  2. When the charging symbol flashes (6.0V - 6.6V), it needs to be charged immediately. The speaker will automatically shut down when the battery is below the protective voltage (6.0V).

  3. It will display "OFF" and then display "-- --", the device cannot enter standby mode at this stage.

  4. Please turn down power switch to protect battery life if not charged timely. When charging, the charging symbol and a Red LED charging indicatorlight will remain ON and will go OFF once the battery is fully charged.

Poor Sound Quality

  1. Check if connected device does not have any equalizer settings applied.

  2. Check if the problem still occurs if the device is moved closer and all obstacles in the middle are removed.

  3. Check if the distortion or quality lowers at all volumes or only at high volumes.

  4. Check the sound on different media players and different devices and if the distortion happens on all devices or only on specific ones.

  5. Check if the problem occurs at all levels of charging or only at low charging levels.

  6. Check if the speaker does not have water droplets, in case they do, use the blow dryer to dry out any water from a distance.

  1. Check if restarting the speaker resolves the issue.

  2. Check if the same problem happens for different devices and media players.

  3. Check if there are any obstructions between the speaker and the device, move the device at a closer range to the speaker and see if it still affects it.

  4. Try factory-resetting the device.

Check that the volume level isn’t turned down or off or alternatively try turning to another FM station. If you are connected to another device, ensure the volume level of the device is audible and that the device has been connected correctly.


  1. Select Bluetooth mode by short pressing the "Mode" button.

  2. The Speaker will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode and become discoverable on your smart device. The Bluetooth LED will blink rapidly to indicate pairing mode.

  3. Enter the Bluetooth device list on your smart phone and search for “boat PartyPal 60” and select to pair. The LED will be ON and not blink when the connection has been established.

  4. Once the music starts playing, the LED light will blink slowly, disconnect the current device and repeat the above process to connect another deviceto the boAt Party Pal 60.

Press and hold the to disconnect the device from the current Bluetooth device (Warning Tone: BT_DISCONNECT), the Bluetooth LED will not blink at this time and another device can be connected to the speaker.

  1. Insert the AUX cable and then press the button "MODE" to switch to AUX mode and a beep will indicate this.

  2. In Aux mode, , Short press the pause button to pause the music. Press once again to exit the pause mode.

  3. Short press "MODE" button to switch next mode, other buttons are not workable when in AUX mode.

Press "EQ" button to switch to Treble and Bass and use the "+/-" buttons to adjust the volume, display for Treble and display for Bass will appear after completing the adjustment.

Allow 2 seconds to the control board for the "+/-" buttons to return to their normal voluming functions.

  1. Insert USB or TF card to enter MP3 mode. It will play music from USB or TF card automatically.

  2. Short press the pause button then double click the pause button to replay the track. Press and hold the Next/Forward button to fast forward the tracks. Press and hold the Previous/Back button to rewind tracks.

  3. Switch Player Mode: Short press the button to switch player mode, the screen will display the various options in which the music to be played are in loop playback, repeat playback and random playback.

  1. Check to see if the device is in pairing mode, after powering it on the LED indicator will blink white.

  2. Check if the speaker is in the range of Bluetooth (usually 10m) and if there are any obstructions in between.

  3. Check if the device being connected to supports Bluetooth connections or not

  4. Check if it is a passcode issue and if so enter 0000 / 1234

  5. Check if the speaker being connected to does have any software issues or not – Check to forget the device on Bluetooth, update the mobile software, if it still does not work try factory resetting the device.

  1. Check if restarting the device resolves the issue and if the speaker is in Aux mode by short pressing the ‘Mode’ button.

  2. Check if you have connected the aux cable properly and in the correct orientation on both ends.

  3. Check if the problem persists even after using a different cable or different device to connect to the speaker.

Microphone Functionality

When the speaker is in any "MODE", simply insert the microphone into the device, the microphone volume and reverberation size can be adjusted through settings.

  1. In any "MODE" (insert USB or TF card) as a data storageoption for the recording and it is preferable that you switch to that post.

  2. Short press "Auto scan" and the screen display will show "PAUS". Then, simply press and hold the REC button for up to 3 seconds to go in to recording mode (The screen will display "REC" and the recording time).

  3. Once the recording is finished, short press the "REC" button to end recording.

  4. The display will show thr recording file number and will automatically play the recording file.

  5. To delete a recording: Long press the "REC" button and the screen will display "dEL" upon which the "Auto Scan" button needs to be pressed to delete the selected file.

  1. Check to see the microphone is not being blocked by any dust or obstruction.

  2. Check to see if the microphone is being held at the adequate distance for it to be able to pick up the voice.

  3. Check if the microphone was not exposed to any hazards like direct sunlight or fire.

  4. Check if the microphone was not exposed to water above the resistance or dipped in any other liquid or not.

  5. The microphone is not functional using the aux mode, check if the device is not in aux mode.

  6. Try factory-resetting the device.

Ensure the microphone is connected correctly and switched on. Also check that the unit is not in USB voice record mode.

FM Functionality

  1. Auto Scanning: Press and hold the pause button to auto scan "87.5MH - 108MHZ", then the scanned channel can be saved from CH01 to Ch50 and the screen will display "CH01". After auto scanning, short press either the "Previous" or "Next" button to switch the channel and short press the CH button to change the frequency. Once the channel is changed, select the frequency you wish to keep for that channel before changing to the next one.

  2. Semi-Automatic Channel Selection: After Auto scanning, in FM mode, short press the "CH" button to switch channel and frequency. Press "Previous/Next" button to switch the channel to semi-automatic channel selection. Channel and frequency display forward or backward.

  3. FM Frequency Selection: In FM mode, short press CH button to switch channel and frequency. Press and hold the "Forward" button to switch channel forward and it will stop once it has found a channel. Press and hold the "Backward" button to switch channel forward and it will stop once it has found a channel.

  1. Please make sure the attached FM signal wire is in a suitable position to catch FM signals, i.e., nearby balconies or open areas where the signal is clear. If the signal is still distorted try adjusting the wire position or speaker position and see if it improves.

  2. Use the play/pause button on the speaker or remote to auto-search the channels again and see if they pop up.

  3. The tune button on the remote or the next button on the speaker can be used to surf through the available channels.

Other Functional Issues

  1. Ensure your device has Bluetooth mode switched on and is discoverable. Also ensure your device is within 10m range of the unit.

  2. Check to see if the device has been properly charged first or not.

  3. Check if the voltage of the charger is correct for the speaker or not.

  4. Check by switching the speaker on manually, press and hold the power on button for at least 3 seconds.

  5. Check if the device was not subject to any mishandling, broken wires or exposed to direct sunlight or hazards like fire.

  1. Check if the controls do not work while connected to another device

  2. Check if the device is in aux mode because the buttons will not work in aux mode

  3. Check if the media player being used supports such controls and if the controls do not function on call or other media players

  4. Check if the controls have been physically damaged or exposed to any hazards like fire.

  1. Check if restarting the device resolves the issue.

  2. Fully let the speaker discharge and then charge it fully again before use.

  3. Try connecting through a different connection mode or media device.

General FAQs



Yes, it can be. However, it is advised to only do so using an aux connection as Bluetooth mode might have latency issues.

Device Controls

  1. Press the "Mode" button to switch between "Bluetooth- > USB - > TF - Card -> FM -> Aux-in" mode. A beep will indicate that the mode has been changed.

  2. The first time the speaker is switched ON, it will automatically enter Bluetooth mode. After begining use, the speaker will enter the previous selected mode when powered ON.

  3. Re-booting the speaker will revert back to Bluetooth mode and any other saved settings.

Yes, one can accept calls on the speakers.

Yes, Party Pal 60 comes with an in-built mic that allows hands-free calling.

Yes, Party Pal 60 Bluetooth Speakers can also be connected via AUX cable if Bluetooth is not available.

Device Charging