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Watch Mercury


boAt Watch Mercury is a feature-packed smartwatch for all you hustlers who seek to watch your game. Keep a tab on your body temperature on the go with its Real-Time Temperature Monitoring. No matter what sport is your game, Mercury is all you need to analyze your performance with its multiple Sports Mode. Never miss a beat with its call, text, and social media notifications delivered straight to your wrist.

Its IP68 Sweat, Splash, and Dust Resistance makes it just the fitness partner you need.

Walkthrough Videos


Bluetooth Version


Working Time

Up to 10 days

Standby Time

30 days

Screen Type

LCD, Touch Screen

Screen Size

1.54 inch

Screen Resolution

240 X 240

Battery Capacity

210mAh - Lithium Polymer

Water Resistance


Sports Mode

Yes (10 Different Types)


Heart-Rate Sensor, Sedimentary Tracking Sensor, Sleep Monitoring Sensor, Blood Oxygen Sensor, 3 Axis G-Sensor

Other Modes

Breathe Training Mode, Steps Monitor, Calories Monitor, Distance Monitor, Calls and message notification

Other Features

Stopwatch, Multi Dial Watch Face, Target Reaching Reminder, Music control, Flashlight

Troubleshooting FAQs


  1. Attach the magnetic end of the charging cable which comes with the watch package on the charging pad of the watch which is located on the back of the watch and connect the other end which is an USB-A end to a 5V, 2A rated power adapter or power bank or a computer.

  2. The Watch Mercury’s display would show the charging status and charging percentage while charging.

Note: If the Watch Mercury is connected to a computer USB port for charging, the speed of charging would be less as the power pushed by the USB port of a computer is less than the 5V 2A rated power adapter.

  1. Check if the charging connector behind the watch is clean and rust free.

  2. Try cleaning it with an alchohol swab.

  3. If the problem still persists, kindly replace the product.

Battery charge status is shown on the watch homepage with the percentage of the charge remaining on the watch Mercury’s battery. 

  1. Before using the Watch Mercury for the first time, please fully charge the smartwatch first.

  2. Charging through wall adapter – Specs of the adapter: 5V, 2A

  3. Any other accessories could be used for charging the Watch Mercury as long as the above norms are followed.

Incorrect Data Recording

  1. Make sure you wear the watch while sleeping in order to track the sleep data.

  2. Sleep data is estimated by primarily movement. Once you are laid down, watch will take approximately an hour to assume that you have gone to sleep.

  1. Check if the user is having hairs, tattoo, skin complexion, scaring, wear the watch too lose or too tight might affect the readings.

  2. Check if the heart rate sensor which is there on the bottom of the watch is glowing in green or not. If the sensor is working properly the sensor should glow in green colour.

  3. Check if the device was not subject to any mishandling, broken wires or exposed to direct sunlight or hazards like fire and liquid.

Your watch is tracking the movement if your wrist so if you are doing something that requires a lot of hand movement then step count can be affected.

Blood pressure monitoring is only for the reference, data may not match with the medical equipment. This watch is not a medical grade equipment.


Step 1: Via QR Code Scanning

Find the QR code on the product manual of the Watch Mercury for installing the Crest App on the media devices of the users.

Open the QR Code Scanner app on the user’s devices and scan the code present on the user manual of the Watch Mercury. Thereafter, follow the on-screen instructions to install the Crest app on the user’s device.

Step 2: Via searching the App on Google Play or Apple Play Store

On Google Play or Apple App Store, in the search-bar, type ‘boAt Crest App’ and enter search.

You will see the boAt Crest app in the search result list.

Click on the install button to install boAt Crest app on the user’s media device.

Step 1:

After installing the boAt Crest app, turn the watch MercuryON and open the boAt Crest app on the user’s device.

Click on the ‘Start Setup’ on the boAt Crest app to switch on the Bluetooth on the user’s device.

Step 2:

The previous process would enable the user to search for the Watch Mercury to connect with the Crest app.

Step 3:

Once the Watch Mercury is found via Bluetooth, it will show on the Crestapp.

Click on the ‘Mercury’ Device and then click on the ‘Confirm BindDevice’ button to start paring Watch Mercury with the boAt Crest app.

Once the connection is successful all the fitness data stored on the Watch Mercury will sync automatically on the Crest app.

  1. Make sure you are using Android 9.0/ IOS 13.0 or above OS version in your smartphone.

  2. It is necessary to accept and agree to all the terms and permissions including the location services also.

  3. Make sure you have downloaded boat Crest app in your smartphone.

  4. Do not connect the watch directly with the phone’s Bluetooth, make sure you are connecting it via the boat Crest app.

  5. Make sure your Bluetooth is on and try to bind the watch with the app. Once the device is discoverable, it will display on the app screen, click to connect the device with the app.

  6. If you still continue to have binding issues, please restart your phone and try again.

  1. The operational distance for the Bluetooth is 10m. It is ideal that phone and watch is in direct contact with each other.

  2. If still the Bluetooth is disconnecting, close the app, switch off and on the Bluetooth and start the app again.

  3. Make sure the app is running in background always.

  1. Yes, step counting, heart rate monitoring, calorie count, spO2, BP, time can be recorded directly on your watch while your phone is not connected.

  2. Watch has some internal memory to record this data.

  3. Once you are in contact with your phone, you can sync the data to the app.

Product Functionality

  1. Make sure call alert and message alert are enabled from the app.

  2. Sync the watch after enabling these features

  3. Even if the notifications are not coming, switch off your phone’s Bluetooth and again switch on OR restart your phone

  4. Try uninstalling and installing the boAt Crestapp and then start binding process with the watch and check if the issue is still persisting or not.

  5. Reset the watch and check if the function is working or not.

Yes, users can control music from your watch. Previous/next/volume up/Volume down can be adjusted from the watch. Users have to enable the feature from the appfirst.

  1. In order to sync the data to the boAt Crest app, connect the watch Mercury to the media device via the Crest app and go to the app’s homepage, drag down the screen.
    This will start the syncing process and data will be synced to the app.

  2. Make sure you are in Bluetooth range and watch and Crest app are nearby when you are syncing the data.

  3. If the app is taking too long time to sync or it gets stuck while syncing, unbind the device with the app and reconnect again.

Note: Try to sync the data of the app at least once in every 7 days to avoid huge data to be synced in a single go and to avoid any data loss.

General FAQs


Breath mode is the meditative breathing mode to improve your breathing. Select time
and speed (low, medium, high) according to your need.

Yes, you have to shake your wrist to click photos or click the tick button on the screen to take photos. Make sure you open camera from the app and use shutter from the watch.

Yes. screen brightness and screen time out can be adjusted from settings option. You
can also long press the home screen to increase the brightness.

  1. Inside the menu, click on the ‘Blood Oxygen’ icon while wearing the watch on the wrist.

  2. Bring your wrist close to your heart and try to hold the arm still.

  3. This will enable the watch to show the reading of the spO2 in the blood of the user on the watch’s screen.

Bloodpressure, spO2 and Heart Rate monitoring is only for the reference, data may not match with the medical equipment. This watch is not a medical grade equipment.

Yes, connect the watch with the app and the watch can show weather updates for next 3 days.

Device Controls

Long press the button located on the right side of the Watch Mercury, it would lead to turningthe watch ON. Raise your wrist to wake up the screen of the watch.

While the Watch Mercury is On, go to the setting option in the main menu and then tap on shut down shutdown option, this would lead to turning the watch off.