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Misfit T200


Misfit T200

Get, set grooming with Misfit T200 at your service! Create a look for every occasion, whether formal or crazy. With a 0.5 to 12mm trimming range, leave everyone wondering where did you get the salon-style finish from.


Troubleshooting FAQs

  1. Check if the micro USB charging cable is working properly or not. Try charging with another micro USB charging cable

  2. Check if the power source/power adapter is working properly or not. Try charging with another power adapter and check if the charging indicator is glowing or not.

  1. Check if the device is having charge or not.

  2. Charge the trimmer by connecting it via a micro USB charging cable and a power adapter and then check if the product is turning on or not.

  1. Check if the trimmer is properly attached with the trimmer head or not.

  2. Remove the trimmer head and attach again with the trimmer body and check if the trimmer head is working properly or not.

  1. Remove the blade head from the trimmer body, clean the blade gap and remove the broken hairs.

  2. Install the blade head correctly with the trimmer body.

  3. Apply some lubricating oil on the blade head of the trimmer.

General FAQs

The runtime of the personal groomer device is 120 minutes.

Yes, body grooming head can be used with the trimmer to use the device as a body grooming device.

No. But the micro shaver head option could give a close trim.

No, power adapter is not included in the package. The package includes micro USB charging cable.

Yes, the product is rechargeable. Micro USB based charging cable provided along with the product.

Yes, there is a charging indicator in the product to indicate if the product is in charge or product.

Yes, power bank can be used for charging the grooming device.

The product is not waterproof so it is advised not to submerge the product in the water which will result in permanently damage the product. Although different trimmer heads/accessories of the grooming kit are waterproof.