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What is ANC?


What is ANC ?

Active Noise Cancellation technology uses built-in microphones to cancel out most of the background noise around you, so that you can focus just on your music and nothing else.

  1. ANC: This technology uses 1 dedicated mic on each earbud for canceling out the noise and 1 mic on each earbud for capturing voice, The ANC mic reduces the noise range up to 25dB.

  2. Hybrid ANC: This technology uses 2 dedicated mics on each earbud for cancelling out a greater amount of noise and 1 mic on each earbud for capturing voice, The dedicated Hybrid ANC mics reduce the noise range up to 45dB.

  • The below image shows the type and range of noise that can be cancelled when ANC is turned on, when Hybrid ANC is On and with No audio playback it cancels chatters and appliances such as AC and Fan.

  • When you play your favourite track the total noise cancellation is approximately 95dB which will cancel distant chatters, human conversation, ac, fan, coffee maker, Road-Traffic, autorickshaws.