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ENx™ Technology


ENx™ Technology

  • ENx™ (Environmental Noise Cancellation) Technology-enabled wireless earphones and earbuds help in suppressing unwanted background noises and help capture your voice clearly.

  • Ever since the majority of the global workforce started switching to work from home (or work from anywhere!), it is paramount that the people do get heard crystal clear over voice calls or video meet-ups.

  • For that very aspect, make your every word count with the assistance of ENx™ technology.

  • Currently, we feature models with 2 mic ENC (1 mic on each earbud) and 4 mic ENC (2mics on each earbud).

  • A single mic ENC performs as both a talking mic as well as to detect environmental noise, the AI algorithms analyze and suppress unwanted noise, this will suppress a noise range of 10dB to 20dB which will reduce the blaring horns in the traffic or noisy chatters nearby you.

  • A dual-mic ENC has a dedicated mic for talking as well as a dedicated mic for capturing environmental noise, along with the AI noise reduction algorithm, this will suppress a greater amount of noise range i.e.10dB to 85dB which will cancel out noise such as TV, Alarms and also a significant reduction in a human voice, traffic, and a couple of home appliances such as fans, ac, hairdryer, etc.