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Dolby Atmos


Dolby Atmos

  • Enter a new world of sound with Dolby Atmos®. A leap forward from surround sound, it transports you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience with moving audio that flows all around you. You’ll feel like you’re inside the action as the sounds of the stadium, people, game, presenters, and music come alive with breathtaking realism.

  • TV viewers are used to having the best pictures when watching sports, but the sound is often overlooked. Now sports fans will be able to feel like they’re in the stadium, with the combination of Dolby Atmos and HD video, providing the most immersive experience possible.

  • A leap forward from surround sound, Dolby Atmos delivers encompassing sound with impressive clarity, richness, detail, and depth for a more convincing, immersive experience.

  • Precise placement and movement of individual sounds all around you, even overhead brings your entertainment to life.

  • Breath-taking sound quality delivers impressive clarity, richness, detail, and depth.

  • Lifelike nuance gives individual sounds their own unique characteristics — big or small, loud or quiet, focused, or diffused — to more closely match your experience of sounds in the real world.

  • Sound technology created for the cinema makes your home entertainment experiences sound spectacular.

  • More content is available every day, with a growing number of movies, shows, live sports & performances created for the Dolby Atmos experience.

Dolby Atmos is an immersive audio experience that empowers directors/ mix engineers/ sound designers/ creators to place discrete audio elements in a three-dimensional sound field, which is not possible in stereo or channel-based surround audio like 5.1.

Because it is object-based, Dolby Atmos can adapt to any playback environment and give fans an immersive experience that matches the creator’s original vision in the studio.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/91BUM3WhCfo