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Aavante Bar 1400




boAt Aavante Bar 1400


USB/ BT/ AUX/ Optical/ HDMI(ARC)


2" x 4SB + 6.5inch SW

Output Power

30W*2 + 60W = 120W R.M.S

Frequency Response

40Hz - 80KHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio


Frequency Response

80Hz - 20KHz

Signal Noise Ratio

≥ 72dB


4Ohms x 4 + 4Ohms


V5.0; Range: Up to 10M

Controls & Connections

Troubleshooting FAQs

Poor Sound Quality

  1. Place your device on a stable platform.

  2. Try to reset the device.

  1. Check if the problem still occurs if the device is moved closer and all obstacles in the middle are removed.

  2. Check if the distortion or quality lowers at all volumes or only at high volumes.

  3. Check for different media players and different devices and if the distortion happens on all devices or only on specific ones.

  4. Check if the problem occurs when connected to different power sockets

  1. Check to see if the device has been properly connected, i.e. the jack is properly inserted into the device for aux, properly connected with the HDMI cable from unit's HDMI (ARC) slot to the HDMI (ARC) slot on your ARC compatible TV, check if the protective cap of the OPTICAL socket is removed, then connect an OPTICAL cable to the TV’s OPTICAL OUT socket and the OPTICAL socket on the unit, the USB that is connected is functional or if it is connected by Bluetooth then it is paired properly and the blue light is not blinking to indicate it is properly paired in Bluetooth mode.

  2. When using either of the Digital inputs, if there is no audio, try setting the TV output to PCM or connect directly to your Blu-ray/other source, some TVs do not pass-through digital audio, check the TV manual for details.

  3. Your TV may be set to variable audio output. Confirm that the audio output setting is set to FIXED or STANDARD, not VARIABLE. Consult your TV’s user manual for more detailed information.

  4. Check if the device has been properly connected to the power socket and if the problem occurs on all modes of playback. If connected to the TV, ensure that the connections are secure, the TV supports the playback mode and the volume is set properly on the TV.

  5. Check if the device was not subject to any mishandling, or exposed to direct sunlight or hazards like fire.


Short press the “M” button on Sound Bar or remote controller to switch it to BT mode. On your phone search for boAt Aavante 1400 and connect.

Press “M” button to enter AUX/USB/Bluetooth/Optical/Coaxial/HDMI selection Mode.

  1. Check to see if the device is in pairing mode, after powering it on the LED indicator will blink white.

  2. Check if the speaker is in the range of Bluetooth (usually 10m) and if there are any obstructions in between.

  3. Check if the connected device supports the Bluetooth connections or not

  4. Check if it is a passcode issue and if so enter 0000 / 1234

  5. Check if the connected speaker has any software issues or not

  6. Check to forget the device on Bluetooth, update the mobile software, if it still does not work try factory resetting the device.

The Amazon Firestick will not connect to the Soundbar. The Sound Bar and the Amazon Firestick would connect separately to the TV.

  1. Use a 3.5mm AUX jack to connect any deviceyou intend to use with the boAt Aavante Bar 1400. Use either the buttons on the SoundBar or the "Input" button on the remote to activate AUX. A Green LED indicator will indicate that AUX mode has been selected.

  2. Playback functions (play/pause/volume/tracks) cannot be adjusted through the SoundBar remote when in AUX mode. It can only be done through the Bluetooth connected device.

  1. Plug in your pendrive after switching the SoundBar ON, the unit will automatically read through the files and begin playing music. The LED indicator will flash pink when in USB mode.

  2. Music playback can be controlled from the buttons on the sound bar- Volume, play/pause, change tracks through the remote.

  3. Simply remove the USB if you wish to exit this mode. You can also utilize the "Input" button on the SoundBar buttons or use the remote to change the mode.

  1. Use an optical cable to connect the soundbar to the TV

  2. Select the Optical mode by pressing the OPT input mode button on the remote controller; once selected the LED displays OP as the input. Then, go to the settings on your TV menu and perform the necessary steps to establish connection via the optical mode.

Note:If you are using a smart TV app, please disable
Dolby or DTS mode on the same as the soundbar does not support them

  1. Check if restarting the device resolves the issue and if the speaker is in Aux mode by short pressing the ‘Mode’ button.

  2. Check if you have connected the aux cable properly and in the correct orientation on both ends.

  3. Check if the problem persists even after using a different cable or different device to connect to the speaker.

  1. Try to check connecting it with another cable or contact the TV customer care and ask for settings.

  2. Check if the same problem happens for different devices and modes.

  1. Cable should be ARC 4K 2.0 version.

  2. Contact the TV customer care in order to change the sound output.

  3. The first port of HDMI should be connected to the ARC.

Other Functional Issues

  1. Ensure your device has Bluetooth mode switched on and is discoverable. Also, ensure your device is within the 10m range of unit.

  2. Check to see if the device has been properly charged first or not.

  3. Check if the voltage of the charger is correct for the speaker or not.

  4. Check by switching the speaker on manually, press and hold the power on button for at least 3 seconds.

  5. Check if the device was not subject to any mishandling, broken wires or exposed to direct sunlight or hazards like fire.

  1. Check if the controls do not work while connected to another device.

  2. Check if the device is in aux mode because the buttons will not work in aux mode.

  3. Check if the media player being used supports such controls and if the controls do not function on call or other media players.

  4. Check if the controls have been physically damaged or exposed to any hazards like fire.

  1. Check if restarting the device resolves the issue.

  2. Fully let the speaker discharge and then charge it fully again before use.

  3. Try connecting through a different connection mode or media device.

  1. Change the batteries.

  2. Open the mobile camera and check the Infra-Red rays to know if the remote is working or not.

  1. Check if the LED is blinking or not.

  2. Try to check it with another switch board.

  3. Check if the power cable is working or not.

  1. Check if the woofer wire is connected properly.

  2. Check whether the connecting port is working or not.

General FAQs


No, Aavante 1400 does not comes with Dolby Digital.

Yes. Aavante Bar 1400 can be connected via Bluetooth.

Yes. Aavante bar 1400 supports AUX/ USB port/ BT.

The subwoofer offers 60W output.

It comes with a wired subwoofer.

Yes, it does use HDMI (Arc)/ Optical/ Aux.

Device Controls

  1. Plug in the power cord and the display will light up (Standby mode)

  2. Switch on the soundbar by using power button on soundbar or by using STANDBY button on remote.

  3. After switching on, the default input mode will appear on display

  4. To turn off, press and hold the power button on the Soundbar or the remote for 2 seconds or unplug from wall outlet.

  1. The unit will automatically turn to standby mode when no audio input is received. The Soundbar will wake up from Standby mode when any button is pressed or source input is received.

  2. If the TV or the external unit is disconnected, switch it off.

  3. To switch the unit off completely, remove the main plug from the mains socket.

  4. Please turn the unit off completely to save energy when not in use.

Press the “M ” button repeatedly on the Soundbar or press the INPUT button on the remote control to select the BT, AUX, OPTICAL,COAXIAL, HDMI ARC & USB Mode.

  1. Bluetooth – BLUE

  2. HDMI ARC – HDN1

  3. AUX – AUX



  6. USB - USB

The soundBar has 6 equalizer modes:

  1. MOVIE


  3. MUSIC

  4. ROCK

  5. NEWS

  6. POP

To power ON the SoundBar, simply plug in the power cord and the Red LED indicator will indicate that it is in standby mode.Below are the LED indicators for all modes.

  1. Red: Standby Mode

  2. Blue: Bluetooth Mode

  3. Green: AUX Mode

  4. Pink: USB Mode

To power ON/OFF the SoundBar, simply press and hold the standby button for up to 3 seconds until the LED light indicator changes.

To change the input mode(Bluetooth, AUX, USB) tap the standby button lightly. Each tap will make the mode change once.