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Aavante Bar 1280



Speaker Type

2.1 Sound Bar with Sub Woofer

Driver Type

Digital Audio Power Amplifier

Driver SIze

5.715cm*2 SB + 13.335cm SW

No. of Drivers



4 Ohms * 2+6 Ohms


SB: 800mV±50mV; SW: 400mV±50mV

Frequency Response

55Hz - 20KHz

Signal Noise Ratio

≥ 72dB

Wireless Technology Type


Bluetooth Version



All Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth Range


Controls & Connections

Troubleshooting FAQs

Poor Sound Quality

  1. Place your device on a stable platform.

  2. Try to reset the device.

  1. Check the volume on your OTT app settings and your TV settings.

  2. Try to change the mode(Example: switch the mode from AUX or Bluetooth).

  3. Check if the same problem happens for different devices and media players.

It usually depends on the type of song played. For example the bass of old songs are generally lesser than the bass of current songs.

  1. Check if restarting the speaker resolves the issue.

  2. Check if the same problem happens for different devices and media players.

  3. Check if there are any obstructions between the speaker and the device, move the device at a closer range to the speaker and see if it still affects it.

  4. Try factory-resetting the device.

Check that the volume level isn’t turned down or off or alternatively try turning to another FM station. If you are connected to another device, ensure the volume level of the device is audible and that the device has been connected correctly.


  1. Select Bluetooth mode by short pressing the "Mode" button.

  2. The Speaker will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode and become discoverable on your smart device. The Bluetooth LED will blink rapidly to indicate pairing mode.

  3. Enter the Bluetooth device list on your smart phone and search for “Aavante Bar 1280” and select to pair. The LED will be ON and not blink when the connection has been established.

  4. Once the music starts playing, the LED light will blink slowly, disconnect the current device and repeat the above process to connect another device to "Aavante Bar 1280".

  1. Check to see if the device is in pairing mode, after powering it on the LED indicator will blink white.

  2. Check if the speaker is in the range of Bluetooth (usually 10m) and if there are any obstructions in between.

  3. Check if the device being connected to supports Bluetooth connections or not

  4. Check if it is a passcode issue and if so enter 0000 / 1234

  5. Check if the speaker being connected to does have any software issues or not – Check to forget the device on Bluetooth, update the mobile software, if it still does not work try factory resetting the device

  1. Use a 3.5mm AUX jack to connect any deviceyou intend to use with the boAt Aavante Bar 1280. Use either the buttons on the SoundBar or the "Input" button on the remote to activate AUX. A Green LED indicator will indicate that AUX mode has been selected.

  2. Playback functions (play/pause/volume/tracks) cannot be adjusted through the SoundBar remote when in AUX mode. It can only be done through the Bluetooth connected device.

  1. Plug in your pendrive after switching the SoundBar ON, the unit will automatically read through the files and begin playing music. The LED indicator will flash pink when in USB mode.

  2. Music playback can be controlled from the buttons on the sound bar- Volume, play/pause, change tracks through the remote.

  3. Simply remove the USB if you wish to exit this mode. You can also utilize the "Input" button on the SoundBar buttons or use the remote to change the mode.

  1. Check if restarting the device resolves the issue and if the speaker is in Aux mode by short pressing the ‘Mode’ button.

  2. Check if you have connected the aux cable properly and in the correct orientation on both ends.

  3. Check if the problem persists even after using a different cable or different device to connect to the speaker.

  1. Try to check connecting it with another cable or contact the TV customer care and ask for settings.

  2. Check if the same problem happens for different devices and modes.

Other Functional Issues

  1. Ensure your device has Bluetooth mode switched on and is discoverable. Also ensure your device is within 10m range of the unit.

  2. Check to see if the device has been properly charged first or not.

  3. Check if the voltage of the charger is correct for the speaker or not.

  4. Check by switching the speaker on manually, press and hold the power on button for at least 3 seconds.

  5. Check if the device was not subject to any mishandling, broken wires or exposed to direct sunlight or hazards like fire.

  1. Check if the controls do not work while connected to another device.

  2. Check if the device is in aux mode because the buttons will not work in aux mode.

  3. Check if the media player being used supports such controls and if the controls do not function on call or other media players.

  4. Check if the controls have been physically damaged or exposed to any hazards like fire.

  1. Check if restarting the device resolves the issue.

  2. Fully let the speaker discharge and then charge it fully again before use.

  3. Try connecting through a different connection mode or media device.

  1. Change the batteries.

  2. Open the mobile camera and check the Infra-Red rays to know if the remote is working or not.

  1. Check if the LED is blinking or not.

  2. Try to check it with another switch board.

  3. Check if the power cable is working or not.

  1. Check if the woofer wire is connected properly.

  2. Check whether the connecting port is working or not.

General FAQs


It comes with a wired subwoofer.

The subwoofer offers a 40W output.

No, Aavante 1280 does not comes with Dolby Digital.

Yes. Aavante Bar 1280 can be connected via Bluetooth.

Yes. Aavante bar 1280 has AUX/ USB port/ BT connectivity modes.

Device Controls

To power ON the SoundBar, simply plug in the power cord and the Red LED indicator will indicate that it is in standby mode.Below are the LED indicators for all modes.

  1. Red: Standby Mode

  2. Blue: Bluetooth Mode

  3. Green: AUX Mode

  4. Pink: USB Mode

To power ON/OFF the SoundBar, simply press and hold the standby button for up to 3 seconds until the LED light indicator changes.

To change the input mode(Bluetooth, AUX, USB) tap the standby button lightly. Each tap will make the mode change once.

  1. StandBy: Standby Mode for power ON/OFF

  2. Pair: Long press this button to disconnect to the pairing device

  3. LUM: Brightness Control

  4. Loop Playback: (Only works under USB mode. Press to select "ON" to loop playback only one song, press again to select "AL" to loop playback all songs)

  5. Volume Up: Volume increase adjustment Button

  6. Previous Song: (Only work under USB and BT mode)

  7. Volume Down: Volume downward adjustment button

  8. -10: Go back 10 songs. (Only works under USB mode)

  9. Treble - : Treble decrease button

  10. Bass: Bass decrease button

  11. Music: Selet the music EQ effect

  12. News: Select the News EQ effect

  13. Mute: Mute mode

  14. Input: AUX/USB/BT selection

  15. Reset: Location retrieval

  16. Press to Stop: (Only works under USB mode)

  17. Next Song: (Only works under USB and BT mode)

  18. +10: Go ten songs forward

  19. Treble+: Treble increase button

  20. Bass+: Bass increase button

  21. Movie: Select the movie EQ effect

  22. 3D: Select the 3D EQ effect

  23. Play/Pause: (Only work under USB and BT mode)

Water/Dust Protection

No. The SoundBar does not come with any water protection. Please operate it carefully as even a little sprinkle of water could damage the product.